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Headquarter of Kinpai Trading Co., Ltd.

About us

The corporate name Kinpai Trading Co., Ltd.
Phone Number (Osaka H.O.) 06-6396-6451
FAX Number (Osaka H.O.) 06-6396-6457
Representative Hideo Yamamoto
Date of Foundation June 7th 1979
Capital Authorized Capital Stock ¥200,000,000
Paid-in Capital ¥50,000,000
Leadership President and Chief Executive Officer: Hideo Yamamoto
Director: Hiroyuki Sano
Director: Hiroyuku Mori
Director: Masaki Kuramoto
Director: Kazunori Furukawa
Director: Takeshi Okamura (Part-time)
Auditor: Kazuyoshi Yamaguchi (Part-time)
Number of employees 80
Our Purpose

1. Trading, designing, construction and maintenance of the products listed bellow:
firefighting/disaster prevention equipment/vehicles, rescuing equipment and their related.

2. Manufacturing, processing and trade of textiles.

3. Trade and maintenance of medical equipment/vehicle.

4. Management, mediation and trade of real estates.

5. Casualty Insurance agent and recruitment of life insurance.

6. Businesses that are related to all the purposes listed above.

Our History

June 1979,
sestablished by including a part of the Teishou Co., Ltd. and Banden Trade Co., Ltd. and by inheriting businesses from Seibu-Hanbai Co., Ltd.

¥5,000,000 establishment capital, 100% was invested by Teishou.

May 1980,
The capital increased to ¥20,000,000 with 100% investment from the Teikoku Sen-i Co., Ltd.

September 1981,
Following a merger with Teishou Nagoya Branch, Kinpai Nagoya branch was established.

February 1982,
Capital increased to ¥50,000,000.

May 1982,
HO moved to new office.
New Address: 2-2-6 Nonaka-Kita, Yodogawa ward, Osaka City, Osaka prf.

August 1983,
Inherited Tatami flooring material department from Teisen Bussan Co., Ltd.

June 1984,
HO purchases the Osaka office.

August 1999,
The Nagoya branch moved to Naka-Odai, Nishi ward, Nagoya city.

January 2012,
The Nagoya branch moved to Nakanuma cho, Nishi ward, Nagoya city.

October 2012,
The Fukuoka branch moved to Higashi-Hie, Hakata ward, Fukuoka city.

October 2013,
Osaka HO moved to Nishi-Miyahara, Yodogawa ward, Osaka city.
New Nonaka Logistics center was established on the former location.

Our Products

1. Disaster prevention Products
Kinpai Firefighting Hose, Water spraying pipe, Nozzles, Other brackets, Rescuing/special vehicles, Advanced rescuing equipment, Community disaster prevention/relief equipment, Emergency medical equipment, Various types of Hazmat suits, Fire-resistant clothing, Working clothes, Fire-resistant clothing, Rescue uniform and working clothes that are made of Nomex fiber, Kinpai uniform, Various disaster prevention/relief warehouses, Fire escaping/rescuing equipment, Various construction works for firefighting facilities, Application and maintenance of safety mechanism for fire shutter, Maintenance and repair work for the integrated hydrant system.

2. Textile related products
Hemp/Linen fiber, Hemp/Linen union yarn, Synthetic union yarn, Hemp/Linen fabric, Hemp/Linen and Synthetic fiber blended fabric, Cotton-Synthetic fiber blended canvas, Fire, heat, electricity and dust proof garments, Kevlar glove, Various other fiber products, Chemical products.

3. Sewn products
Tents, Sheets, Hoods, Sunshades, Water tanks, Various pouches and bags, Working clothes, Rescuing equipment, Hatch cover, Other various woven products.

Our Suppliers

•Teikoku Sen-i Co., large-diameter-hose. (firefighting hoses and clothing, various rescuing equipment, Rescuing vehicle, Supplier vehicle, Synthetic fabrics, Synthetic fiber, canvas, thread for sewing machines etc.)

•Achilles corporation (rescuing equipment)

•Diving System Service  (rescuing equipment)

•Draeger Japan Co., Ltd. (respirators and protective clothing)

•Hirose Shokai Co., Ltd. (Firefighting clothes)

•Honda Power Products Japan Co., Ltd. (Generators)

•Itachibori Mfg. Co., Ltd (Fire hydrant related products)

•Kaneya Seiko Co., Ltd (Ranger ropes)

•KantouHashigo Co., Ltd. (rescuing equipment)

•KOKUYO MARKETING Co., Ltd. (Disaster prevention equipments)

•Marine Gold (Emergency food)

•Marukin Co., Ltd. (Firefighting clothes)

•Nikke Shoji Co., Ltd. (Disaster prevention equipments)

•Ochi Kougyousyo Co., Ltd (Tents)

•Osaka Rubber Corporation (Firefighting equipment)

•Pearl Metal Co., Ltd. (Partition, Emergency supplies)

•Sankyo Keori Co., Ltd. (Disaster prevention equipments)

•Shibaura Fire Pump Co., Ltd. (Firefighting pumps)

•Teisho Co., Ltd. (Firefighting equipment)

•Toho Rubber Co., Ltd. (Firefighting equipment)

•Tokyo Katsushika Welfare Factory (Firefighting equipment)

•Yamada Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Brackets for firefighting purposes)

•YONE Co., Ltd. (Brackets for firefighting purposes)

Our Customers

•Fire hydrant facility manufacturers nationwide

•Fukuoka City Fire Department

•Hankyu Corporation

•Hiroshima City Fire Department

•Kansai Airports

•Kintetsu Railway Co.,Ltd.

•Kita-Kyushu City Fire Department

•Kobe City Fire Department

•Kyoto City Fire Department

•Local Firefighting HeadQuarters in Japan

•Local Fire Stations nationwide

•Local Police Headquarters nationwide

•Local Volunteer Fire Departments nationwide

•Local Waterworks and Construction Bureaus nationwide

•Nagoya City Fire Department

•Nankai Electric Railway Corporation

•Nara Prefecture Firefighting Headquarter

•Osaka City Fire Department

•Osaka Metro

•Post offices in the Kinki Region

•Post offices in the Tokai Region

•Private companies related to firefighting industry

•Pump manufacturers nationwide

•Sakai City Fire Department

•West Japan Civil Aviation Bureau

•West Japan Railway Company Group

Private Companies

•AstraZeneca Corporation

•Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.

•Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.

•Hokuriku Electric Power Co., Inc.

•JFE Steel Corporation

•Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.

•KDDI Corporation

•Kobe Steel, Ltd.

•Kyuushuu Electric Power Co., Inc.

•LIXIL Corporation

•Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

•Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

•Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation

•Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

•Nissan Motor Corporation

•Nippon Steel Corporation

•Osaka Gas Co., Inc.

•Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

•Shikoku Electric Power Co., Inc.

•Telwel West Japan Corporation

•Toyota Motor Corporation

and others

•We have 63 special agent companies as our dealer which, comprise a distribution network that extends to the whole western Japan region.

Our main Banks Mizuho Bank Juso branch
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Odai branch
Fukuoka Bank Hie branch
Our Teisen Group Teikoku Sen-i Co., Ltd. (Listed on the TSE Prime Market)

1. Trading, manufacturing and processing of Fabric and related products.

2. Manufacture and trading of firefighting Hoses and other firefighting, disaster prevention/relief, rescuing equipment and vehicles.

Date of Establishment: July 26th, 1907
Head Office location: Post code: 103-6115
Nihonbashi-Takashimaya building 15F, 2-5-1, Nihonbashi, Chuo ward, Tokyo, Japan
TEL: +81-3-3281-3031
Branches and offices: Kanuma Hose Factory, Shimotsuke Vehicle Factory
URL: https://www.teisen.co.jp/

Teisho Co., Ltd.
Tower building 7F, Shinagawa Season Terrace, 1-2-70, Minato ward, Tokyo, Japan
Post code: 109-0075
TEL: +81-3-6810-4841
URL: https://www.teisho.co.jp/

Teisen Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Hakuba Building 6F, 18-6, Kozuna-chou, Nihonbashi, Chuo ward, Tokyo, Japan
Post code: 103-0016
TEL: +81-3-5614-1055
URL: http://www.teisensangyo.co.jp/

Teisen Techno Co., Ltd.
2-1 Oji-sayado, Mikawa-cho, Kouchi County, Tochigi, Japan,
Post code: 329-0526
TEL: +81-285-51-0550

Osaka Head Office

Osaka Head Office

Location: Room 1401, SORA Shin-Osaka21, 2-1-3, Nishi-Miyahara, Yodogawa ward, Osaka, Japan
Post code: 532-0004
TEL: +81-6-6396-6451
FAX: +81-6-6396-6457

Map of the Osaka Head Office and its surroundings

Nagoya Branch

Nagoya Branch Photo

Location: 14, Nakanuma-cho, Nishi ward, Nagoyacity, Aichi, Japan
Post code: 452-0845
TEL: +81-52-504-4471
FAX: +81-52-504-4506

The map of the Nagoya Branch and its surroundings

Fukuoka Branch

Fukuoka Branch Photo

Location: 2-2-26, Higashi-Hie, Hakata ward, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka, Japan
Post code: 812-0007
TEL: +81-92-472-2871
FAX: +81-92-472-2875

The map of the Fukuoka Branch and its surroundings

Nonaka Logistics Center

Nonaka Logistics Center Photo

Location: 2-2-6, Nonaka-Kita, Yodogawa ward, Osaka city, Osaka, Japan
Post code: 532-0034
TEL: +81-6-6397-3052
FAX: +81-6-6397-3053

Map of the Nonaka Logistics Center and its surroundings

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General Catalog TEISEN10
Disaster Prevention
Disaster Prevention
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Teisen Firefighting Uniform
Teisen Firefighting Uniform
Infectious Disease Countermeasures
Infectious Disease Countermeasures
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