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We Kinpai Trading Co., Ltd. will keep on pursuing
and promoting safety and security.

We Kinpai Trading Co., Ltd. will keep on pursuing and promoting safety  and security.

We Kinpai Trading are trading company from the Teisen group, who has 117-year old expertise in firefighting, disaster prevention and relief, and rescuing equipment. Particularly in the firefighting hose industry, since when we have sent out the first domestically produced hempen firefighting hose in Japan in 1903, until today we have our latest products, we have been able to make our product the go-to firefighting hose, supported by our consistent improvement of our technology and relentless employment of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Our business mainly consists of the production and sale of various products that extends from firefighting hoses and clothing, to rescuing equipment/vehicles and power and lighting supply vehicles.

Rescue vehicle is born

Shimotsuke Factory in the Tochigi prefecture produces the latest next-gen disaster prevention vehicles.
Each vehicle is designed and hand-crafted through taking various steps to be the best possible quality products that they are.

Our world famous Kinpai hose is the top fire-fighting hose brand  in the country.

We Kinpai Shoji will keep on pursuing the best possible quality and functionality for our products.

Our products

About Teisen group

We Kinpai Trading serves as the sole vender to the Teikoku Sen-i Co., Ltd. (also known as Teisen).
We are responsible for the sales in the whole western Japan region.

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Catalog List
General Catalog TEISEN10
General Catalog TEISEN10
Disaster Prevention
Disaster Prevention
Kinpai Hose Catalog
Kinpai Hoses
Teisen Firefighting Uniform
Teisen Firefighting Uniform
Infectious Disease Countermeasures
Infectious Disease Countermeasures
Flood Countermeasures
Flood Countermeasures
Hydrosub System
Hydrosub System